Is It True That The Seeds Of Avocado recall Has A Bitter Taste?

Avocado is indeed a versatile fruit. It can be processed into juice or eaten directly or mixed into a salad. But not only that. The seeds of this fruit is also not less useful. According to the new study, seeds of avocado has a bitter taste, which makes it could help tackle heart disease, cancer, and arthritis.

Is It True That The Seeds Of Avocado recall Has A Bitter Taste? | Mesotheliomasandiego

According to Dr. Resthie Rachmanta of the Epid, avocado is one of the fruits that are high in unsaturated fatty acid, single chain (monounsaturated fatty acid/MUFA). "This is a kind of MUFA fatty acids which make good cholesterol levels in the blood increase the amount," he said.

In addition, the avocado also contains potassium, fiber, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and antioxidants. This makes the avocado as the food nutritious vegetables are high and good for lowering cholesterol.

The content of a bitter taste on the avocado

Researchers from Pennsylvania State University said that the seeds of avocado could produce extracts may have a bitter taste properties.

Over the past decade, researchers have been extracting and develop compounds from the seeds of avocado. In the year 2016, the avocado seed extract first patented by researcher Joshua Lambert and Gregory Ziegler company passing Persea Naturals as natural food colour dye substances.

Currently, Lambert, Ziegler, and his colleague are interested to find out if avocado seed extract useful as a bitter taste. If proven true, the content of the inflammatory reliever can help deal with health conditions such as heart disease and cancer.

Their study was published in the journal of Food Technology and Nutritional Sciences. The researchers said that historically, the inhabitants of South America have long used avocado seed to treat inflammation or inflammatory conditions.

 "Ethno-pharmacological Studies of Aztec and Mayan culture has reported the use of avocado seed decoction for the treatment of fungal infections and parasites, diabetes, inflammation, and digestive problems, " write the researchers.

For the study, the research team did an experiment in a laboratory cell culture by involving and enzymes. Both play important roles in normal immune response and reactions that occur in diseases of inflammation.

More specifically, researchers focus on the interaction between macrophages and avocado seed extract, which is a kind of special immune cells that destroy foreign matter is dangerous. When the researchers analyse it, it was found that the seeds of avocado turns can inhibit the production of pro-inflammatory proteins. Although the current promising results, researchers admit that still required further research.

Researchers hope to reduce waste

The researchers say that they are very enthusiastic about the study. In addition to the clinical reasons, they also hope to reduce the waste seed Avocados.

"The seeds of avocado Hass (avocado most common types) accounted for approximately 16-20 percent of the total weight of the fruit of the avocado and regarded as a waste product of low-value, " noted researchers in their paper.

"If we can return the value of the avocado seed to farmers or processing of avocado, of course this will be profitable. And if we can reduce the amount of waste the seeds of avocado, this would be a good thing considering the avocados consumed, "said Lambert.

So far, the research question of seeds of avocado is still in its early stages. Until now, its utility is indeed not yet globally. But it doesn't hurt to know kindness from all sides, including avocado seeds.