Cellular Nutrition in Cancer Treatment

Cancer treatments come in many forms, from the traditional chemotherapy and radiation therapy to newer practices such as hyperthermia and intravenous vitamin supplements. This article will be looking at the use of cellular nutrition in cancer treatments, including alternative therapies. 

 Cellular Nutrition in Cancer Treatment

Optimal cell health is very important for our health and can be achieved through nutrition. Our cells work hard to turn oxygen and nutrients into energy and water using the cellular power plants called mitochondria that each of them contains. The problem is that oxygen is toxic to our cells and produces free radicals which oxidize biological molecules, just like iron oxidizes when it rusts. This damages the cells and inactivates cellular respiration, causing the cell to die. The body’s fats, proteins and DNA is impaired, contributing to ageing and diseases like cancer. 

Oxidative stress can be reduced by strengthening the body's antioxidant defenses and bringing down the number of free radicals in the body. Optimal cellular nutrition is the best way of doing this. All nutrients need to be supplied to the cell at optimal levels so it can choose which nutrients it needs. 

Within a few months of achieving optimal cell nutrition our nutrient levels are corrected. So how do we reach this goal? Research shows that following the RDA, or recommended daily allowance, of certain vitamins are not enough. Some studies demonstrate that the optimal level of vitamin C is in fact 1200 to 2000 mg per day, much more than the RDA which is just 60 mg. 

To achieve optimal cellular nutrition we would need to eat 18 oranges, 17 kiwis or 160 apples. Clearly we need to take some supplements if we want to reach these vitamin level. 

When it comes to cancer treatment cellular nutrition can work alone in fighting the disease in its early stages, but it is usually used to strengthen the body prior to more traditional therapies. As welling as changing our diet we need to move beyond an over the counter approach to supplementation. 

Angeles hospital in Mexico provides cancer patient with organic meals as well as pharmaceutical grade supplements. Supplementation programs are created by a team of medical experts that take important factors such as physical states, genetic background, daily activities, gender, age and the presence or absence of different diseases. 

People with chronic diseases like cancer find it harder to meet their daily nutritional needs by just changing their diet as their bodies require extra help. Professionally designed supplementation prescription is often necessary. 

On the alternative cancer treatment program at Angeles hospital the Functional Oncology teams uses your medical history, various tests and lab work to create a supplement regimen to optimize your cellular nutrition and meet your health challenges and needs. The supplementation plan is continually revised and adjusted as your body begins to heal and become more balanced and healthy. 

Angeles hospital provides cancer treatment of the highest standards and is known for being an upscale luxury facility with state-of-the-art equipment and the most innovative, effective techniques. To learn more please view our alternative cancer treatment website.