Pleural Mesothelioma

In any form, mesothelioma is incurable. The average life span associated with this deadly and aggressive cancer averages 18 months. Ongoing exposure to asbestos to tradesmen, construction professionals and Navy veterans has led to tragic diagnoses. But because each person is created differently, we even pursue cases for individuals who have had very minimal exposures to asbestos. 

Usually, it takes decades for symptoms to show up. Even with these long latency periods between exposure and diagnosis of an asbestos related disease, our law firm through professional and diligent in house investigation is able to uncover where the exposures occurred and who is responsible, even when our clients have a difficult time remembering all the details of their work and exposure history.

Medical treatment is vital, but it is not the only type of attention needed. Legal representation is important in protecting victims' rights, holding negligent parties accountable and ensuring that family members are provided for financially in the future.

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Pleural mesothelioma is the most common type of mesothelioma and is caused by asbestos exposure. Tumors commonly develop in one section of the visceral or parietal layers of the pleura that separate the lungs from the chest wall, and typically aggressively spread to surround the lungs and can spread to invade the pericardium, the identical tissue that surrounds the heart. Effects include shortness of breath when the tumors compress the lungs. The body responds by isolating the afflicted area with fluid, also known as pleural effusion.

Treatment is an option depending on whether the disease is localized or advanced. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgical removal of the tumor or all of the pleura is a choice that should be discussed with your doctor, based on the age, health conditions, medical histories and the tumor's location. We can provide names of reputable doctors who specialize in these types of cancers. The focus of our clients and their family members should be on the medical aspects of the case. Our focus is on attending to every detail of their asbestos injury claim.